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About Z-Lab

Z-Lab is located in the Civil Engineering Department at New Mexico State University and directed by Professor Qianyun (Gloria) Zhang. The goal of Z-Lab is to explore transforming and revolutionizing solutions to existing civil engineering/general engineering challenges. There are three main research areas:

Structural Health Monitoring
•    Automated SHM via UAVs
•    Self-Powered Monitoring
•    Low-Power Energy Harvesting for Sensors

Functional Materials and Structures
•    Mechanical Metamaterials
•    Multifunctional Structural Elements
•    3D Printed Structural Systems

Machine Learning/Data Science 
•    Multi-sensor Data Fusion 
•    Material Design & Discovery 
•    Topology Optimization 

Z-Lab Recent News


Our recent paper titled "Multifunctional Nanogenerator-Integrated Metamaterial Concrete Systems for Smart Civil Infrastructure" has been published in Advanced Materials with impact factor 32.09.

The paper can be found here: Link

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